The future of vehicle
inspections is here.

At PAVE, we understand customers may come to us with biases or misconceptions because of AI-driven inspection tools not fulfilling their claims. But our experts at PAVE know the market, we know the user’s needs, and we understand that the only way to accomplish a fully comprehensive and augmented vehicle inspection service is through our Human Intelligence first approach.

Why have many AI solutions failed to automate
the vehicle inspection process?

While the technology does exist to detect damages, severity, and general location on the vehicle, it fails to know exactly what component is affected.

Over a 15 year coverage, in North America there are over 22,000 body styles of vehicle. Each style has up to 10 unique colors, creating hundreds of thousands of possible combinations.

On top of that, there are over 1,000 combinations of types of damages and severity that AI would need to learn and detect.

It is near impossible for AI to consistently detect the same damage and severity on each different body style and color, as every different variation affects how this damage will appear for computer vision. Because of this, it results in AI needing to learn over 2,000,000 unique variations and combinations.

At PAVE, our Human Intelligence first approach means we avoid this problem entirely. We don’t rely on AI to learn an impossible amount of variations—our highly skilled team is trained to recognize any and all damages as partners assisted by AI.

We stand behind our product because we know
with PAVE integrated into your business,
you will have a fast, reliable valuation tool
you can trust.

We at PAVE know our client’s needs, and we know what issues you have faced up until this point.

is the solution.

You have already tested other
AI solutions that do not work.

PAVE works. We stand out from our entirely AI-driven competition because we have the one thing that allows our inspection process to run so smoothly: a Human Intelligence first approach.

Other AI solutions do not fit
into your current process.

PAVE will. Our simple and smooth, single-sprint integration allows for the augmentation of already established industry workflows. PAVE fully incorporates and maps into your current technology and business processes.

The data collected by other AI
solutions does not suit your
integration requirements.

PAVE’s does. We are consistent in giving you the all the necessary details about your vehicle. By collecting over 10,000 data points, PAVE always gives you the data you require, no matter your use case.

Other AI solutions are not
easy to use and require a lot
of training and onboarding.

PAVE is easy, and requires hardly any onboarding. In 3 minutes or less, you can complete an entirely comprehensive and detailed vehicle inspection by following an automated, step-by-step vehicle image and data capture process.


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