Stay ahead of the market,
improve the customer experience,
reduce costs and eliminate human error.

Imagine what an intuitive, AI-driven inspection solution could do for your online marketplace, your trade-in process, or your lease maturity valuations.

wholesale and auctions

Post vehicles online instantly and allow buyers to bid with confidence, turning your client’s unwanted inventory into immediate cash.


Give high funnel consumers real answers to the actual value of their vehicle while shopping for their replacement online.


Gives the consumer the ability to do a self-inspection before their lease return due date, saving time and costly logistic issues with professional inspectors.


Allows peer-to-peer consumers to start negotiations before visiting the seller, and allows online shoppers to initiate negotiations and completion of a transaction with the seller instantly.

Rental/car share and
subscription vehicle returns

Eliminate any surprises for the customer by giving control to the renter to do their inspection at the pick up and return of the vehicle. Even capture the exact mileage and fuel level instantly.


Allows for autocompletion of pick up and delivery forms while confirming the details and condition of the vehicle when loading and off-loading.


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