PAVE is the world's first open
API Self Inspection Solution.

The PAVE open API allows for the augmentation of industry workflows by integrating PAVE's intuitive mobile user experience and robust real-time inspection process into existing business models such as marketplaces and industry applications.

Turn any phone into a professional
inspector with one click,
by letting PAVE do the work.

Factory Colors

PAVE is able to detect your vehicle’s specific factory color and appearance package.

Trim Detection

PAVE is able to visually detect trim when it is not returned from decoding the VIN.

API Returns

  • Over 10,000 data points about every vehicle
  • Downloadable/shareable condition report PDF
  • Itemized and structured details about each damage detected
  • User location to the street number, and other user details

PAVE not only gives robust inspection results,
but it also fills in the vehicle data gap.

With no forms to fill in, PAVE detects critical vehicle information that usually leaves a significant data gap for all digital experiences.

When the user has finished their session, the PAVE API instantly returns everything your workflow needs and more, freeing your imagination for other possibilities.

As the user captures the vehicle, PAVE completes a comprehensive inspection and automatically grades every inspection with 3 specific global industry standard grading bands.

Automate the vehicle
inspection process.

Self-guided inspections

  • Comprehensive digital vehicle inspections for consumers, dealers and drivers.
  • Provides easy to follow steps to capture photos with consistent views.
  • Suggests to the user what damages and inconsistencies to disclose about the vehicle.
  • Allows the user to easily add additional damages that PAVE may have missed.
  • Standardized industry disclosures of known facts about the vehicle.
  • Consistent vehicle details like mileage, color, transmission, and trim.

Augmented professional inspections

  • Gain a 9X reduction in the time it takes to complete a comprehensive vehicle inspection in under 3 minutes from the industry average of 20 minutes.
  • Consistent vehicle imagery is captured for every vehicle.
  • Consistent damage details are captured and reported for every vehicle.
  • Consistent vehicle details like mileage, color, transmission, and trim for every vehicle, all the time.

response": {
"status": "COMPLETE",
"stage": "COMPLETE",
"response_code": null,
"inspection_start": "October 30th, 2019 @ 20:03",
"inspection_end": "October 30th, 2019 @ 20:14",
"inspection_address": "8277 Lawson Rd, Milton, ON L9T 5C7, Canada",
"inspection_street_num": "8277",
"inspection_street": "Lawson Road",
"inspection_city": "Milton",
" inspection_state": "Ontario",
"inspection_state_code": "ON",
"inspection_post_code": "L9T 5C7",
"inspection_country": "Canada",
"inspection_country_code": "CA",
"inspection_latitude": "43.543276522",
"inspection_longitude": "-79.884768976"
"session_key": "UAT-MQYXPYD80G",
"inspection_id": "PAV-191030080323-150",
"license": "Manhiem UAT",
"vehicle": {
"vehicle_id": 3149,
"vin": "1G6AB5SX2E0189377",
"year": 2014,
"make": "Cadillac"

Automated batch vehicle processing

  • PAVE’s API can be directed into your stationary cameras, so users don’t need to use PAVE’s Capture UI.
  • Gain all the functionality of PAVE with the integration into your direct camera setup.
  • Inspection completed and details returned to your camera within 35 seconds.

After each session, PAVE's API returns:

  • Complete vehicle details
  • Original images
  • Images highlighting damage
  • Each damaged item (including the affected component, fault, severity, and suggested repair type)
  • Vehicle grade (to match the NAMA, NAAA and Book Value Standards)
  • Vehicle condition report PDF
  • Verified by PAVE badge linked to the report PDF

We live every day by our 3 KPIs.

80% detection of damage

90% consistency

Processing speed to match every use case


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